Chase Sapphire   

Dive Into More | 2021

It’s a universal feeling: we all want to visit our favorite places and experience our favorite things with our favorite people. We want to soak up more than ever before—diving head first into wherever our curiosity leads us. Big or small, near or far, we’re seeking moments that surprise, delight and help us dive deeper into anything and everything. And Sapphire rewards you for following your curiosity anywhere that makes life more worthwhile.

This film is about reconnecting not just with the world and the people we’ve been waiting to see, but with the ability to explore it spontaneously. And how almost unbelievable it feels to be rewarded for doing so again.

It should make us feel like so many of the things that have been off limits aren’t just within reach again, they’re at our fingertips.

Made at Droga5 with:
Juliana Cobb (Executive Creative Director)
Nick Marchese (Freelance Creative Director)
David Goss (Freelance Creative Director)
Maria Kouninski (Art Director)
Samira Mostofi (Senior Producer)

Director: Max Malkin
Editor: Trish Fuller

Away at Home | 2020

No matter where home is, the adventures you have there can transport you. With a few additions, your backyard becomes an oasis. Fresh ingredients in your kitchen take you to Michelin-starred restaurants a world away. 

All it takes is another look. After all, perspective is everything. 

Made at Droga5 with:
Juliana Cobb (Executive Creative Director)
Tom McQueen (Associate Creative Director)
George McQueen (Associate Creative Director)
Maria Kouninski (Art Director)
Mateus DeFaria (Producer)

Director: Ben Tricklebank
Editor: Ben Suenaga