Chase Sapphire Reserve | Find the Detail that Moves You  

The best experiences are elevated when we feel a deeper connection to the details.

Our campaign celebrates the craft that goes into every detail a Sapphire Reserve card offers, exploring the context, backstory and history behind every detail to unlock a deeper connection.

In our travel films, Michael B. Jordan introduces us to the cultural context behind a detail to help our audience find what they’re after—more unique experiences. 

Shot on location in Kauai with Academy Award-nominated cinematographer and director Bradford Young.

Michael delved further into the details of Hawaiian paniolo (cowboy) culture and history in conversation with paniolo Jimmy Miranda and his daughter Marti Snyder of CJM Country Stables.

Made at Droga5 with:
Haywood Watkins III (Group Creative Director)
Carrie Levy (Creative Director)
Maria Kouninski (Creative Director)
Lida Tozzi (Copywriter)
Pei Chi Teh (Art Director)
Mateo Suarez (Senior Producer, Film)
Sparkman Clark (Associate Producer, Film)

Director: Bradford Young
DP: Shawn Peters
Editor: Conor O’Neil 
Sound Designer/Mixer: Evan Mangiamele and Jeremy Siegel