LinkedIn isn’t a place for those who’ve already “made” it. It’s a place where possibilities are unlocked for everyone. It’s not about who you know right now, but who you could meet and what they know that help us all go further.

Because when all you inherited was persistence, LinkedIn can help you find your in.

Made at Droga5 with: 
Toby Treyer-Evans & Laurie Howell (Executive Creative Directors)
Amy Werblin (Creative Director)
Erika Kohnen (Creative Director)
Maria Kouninski (Sr. Art Director)
Phil Le Brun (Copywriter) & Ads Dechaud (Art Director)
Christian Zerbel (Copywriter)
Jasmine Paylor (Art Director)
Connor Hagan (Producer)

Director: ALASKA
Choreographer: Sherrie Silver
Editor: Paul Watts 
Senior Cutting Assistant: James Donahue   
VFX: Kevin
Sound Design/Mix: Wave Studios  

Music: “Guerilla” by Remi Wolf

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