Unsurprisingly, most women’s performance shoes are made from molds of men’s feet. The BlissFeel Running Shoe is different. It’s not a smaller-and-pink version of a man’s shoe. It’s a shoe based on scans of over a million women’s feet and designed for feeling. Made for women first, because a woman’s foot deserves women’s running shoes.

“A Woman’s Foot” is a love letter to the woman’s foot (not like that). A woman’s odd, unique, powerful and so much more, foot. Real runners are featured in addition to our ambassadors: Colleen Quigley, Kadeena Cox, Changning Zhang and Mirna Valerio, resulting in a collective portrait of women’s running around the world.  

It’s lululemon for your feet. 

Product films delved further into the feeling of each ambassador’s foot and running story.

Made at Droga5 with: 
Marybeth Ledesma (Group Creative Director)
Maja Fernqvist (Freelance Creative Director)
Bastien Grisolet (Creative Director)
Maria Kouninski (Senior Art Director)
Steve Ford (Freelance Executive Producer)
Mike Hasinoff (Executive Producer)
Mateo Suarez (Sr. Producer)

Director: Sophia Nahli Allison
DPs: Cambio (CDMX) and Stevo Sheng (Shanghai)
Editors: Andrew Morrow and Jerry Chia
Music/Sound Design: Ballad
Audio: Dan Flosdorf, Heard City
Design/VFX: Purple Martin

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