Small businesses are the beating hearts of their communities. They make our neighborhoods home. But if things don’t change, nearly half of all small businesses in America could close within three months. 

We launched the platform, “Buy Into Something Bigger” to illustrate that, when we buy small, we buy into what makes our communities special. 

To deliver our message of love, loss, support and so much more, we created a filmic letter to small businesses that captured the personality of the places we’re trying to save—set to a Texas blues rendition of Gloria Gaynor’s iconic, “I Will Survive.” 

By Mother’s Day, 2020, more than half a million babies were born under quarantine conditions. Facebook wanted to support mothers giving birth to and caring for infants under the most difficult and isolating of circumstances. There was no better person to give this message of support and hope than a narrator born during the last pandemic over 100 years ago. 

Made at Droga5 with: 
Thom Glover (Creative Director)
Kia Heinnen (Creative Director) 
Tom McQueen (Associate Creative Director)
George McQueen (Associate Creative Director)
Maria Kouninski (Art Director) 
Mike Hasinoff (Executive Producer)
Lisa Delonay (Senior Producer)

Director, “Born in Quarantine”: Martin de Thurah 
Director, “Austin’s Street Spirit”: Sonejuhi Sinha

Muse by Clio